Online Lubricating Oil Filter for Single Cylinder

Thermostat housing assembly to enable the installation of a USER SUPPLIED thermostat if required. 

 Providing Magnets in Oil Chambers to attract Iron Particles to avoid any damages to engine.

  Counter Balance Weight on Crankshaft for smooth running and High Torque against Horse Power.

  Oil & Most of Fuel Pipes are made out of Steel. 

  Fumigation of Engine Wooden Cases as per IPPC norms issued by US customs and Border Protection.

  Lubricating Oil Pump material: Gun Metal instead of Cast Iron (Gun metal is 4 times costlier than Cast Iron).

  Stretched Films used for wrapping engines: It keeps away dust & protect colour.

  Cast Iron Pistons 6/1 & 12/2 and aluminum piston 12/1

  In direct injection: (Pre Combustion Fuel Firing Chamber) Performs excellent result in cold weather condition 
 (Cold Starting) & More Suitable for Bio Fuel. 

 Inside of crank case not painted

 Cast Iron Cylinder Head cover.

Supplied with dark green paint (lister colour)

 Fly wheels not tightened so they can be taken off if needed easily

 Cylinder Head Valve Material En-52.

  Upgraded to Bronze Idler Gear  (this is an expensive upgrade)

  Test run engines before shipping 

  Fuel tank

 Fuel filter 

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Instruction Manual

1. Installation
2. Fuel Supply
3. Lubrication
4. Starting and Stopping
5. Failure to start or Run Property
6. Maintenance 
    -Fuel Filter
    -Air Filters
    -Compression C/0 valve
    -Piston & Rings
    -Lubricating Oil Pump
7. Fuel Equipment
    -Pump Timing

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Electric Start Also Available at $465.00 

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Spare Parts Kits
$225.00 each for Single
$450.00 each for 12/2

Other Sizes Available..... 16/2,  20/2,  & 24/2
compressors and engine
Bio Diesel Ready 

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Powerline Single
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