Specification : 

The fuel must be a DISTILLATE and not a residual oil or a blood thereof. It most conform with British Standard Specification 

In general, the fuel most be free from foreign matter and water, otherwise excessive wear may take place, particularly in the fuel injection system; certain fuels am, unsuitable owing to the excessive temperatures, pressures, deposit, and corrosion resulting from their use, The user is cautioned that although the engine may run satisfactorily for a short time off cheap fuel, excessive want and damage will ultimately be suffered by the engine and its life materially shortened. For them reasons we cam accept no responsibility for such damage or wear caused by the use of unsuitable or dirty fuels. 

When in doubt as to the suitability of a fuel oil the local agent should be consulted 


Fuel Service Tank : 

An engine mounted fuel tank is supplied as standard; as an site, native, a fuel service tank can be supplied which should be mounted not less than 2 ft. 6 ins. (0.76 meters) and not more than 6 ft (1.8 meters) above the crankshaft and as close to the engine as possible. 

This latter type is fitted with a loping bottom to assist in draining off sludge by means f a drain plug. During overhauls examine the tank closely and clean out if necessary. 

Clients providing their own fuel tanks should arrange for the fuel outlet to be 2 in. above the bottom of the tank and that drainage arrangements we provided at the lowest point.

Always fill fuel rocks through a fine strainer, preferably at the end of a run. If any sediment is stirred up during the process, this has time to settle before the engine is used again. 

If cam; am used, avoid tipping out the last few drops. 

Funnels am very difficult to keep clean in dusty conditions. Wash them before and after use and wrap up when not required, or fill service tank direct from a small mouthed screw capped can such as a 2 gallon petrol can. 

Tanks and piping should NOT be galvanized. 

Before finally connecting up, blow out all fuel pipes to remove scale loosened during bending and fitting. 


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