Everyone knows that tractors power farms and rural property, 
what better way to turn to in your darkest hour, or perhaps a portable generator with a light duty engine that might not want to start after it has been sitting with stale fuel, varnished or stuck carburetor, and a dead battery.  A tractor is always on hand, is always maintained and used with a BAUMALIGHT PTO generator, it's ideal as an emergency power supply when utility power is unavailable.

BAUMALIGHT has been making PTO Generators since 2000.
We feel that we can offer farmers and property owners more for their money by using something they have on hand already.  What you get with a PTO generator is more Kilowatts, less maintenance, and cleaner power.  Electricity is no longer just a convenience, more and more we count on electricity for the necessities of life.  On today's industrialized farms, reliable electric power is essential to its livelihood.  During a mass black out rural properties are often the last to get power back sometimes days later than towns and urban areas.  You need to have access to power that is ready to go at a moments notice.
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Backing Up Rural Life

Plug in & Power up

Back-Up and Remote power for your property.

Source for Power

The TX series panel’s simple design provides easy straight forward operation to get you up and running in no time.

TX Performance

Mounted on rubber tires TX generators are easily handled for set up and storage. The tires also reduce vibration wear on the generators during use.


Tried and true, DisplayMeter volt meters accompany every Baumalight TX generator to help get you in the zone quickly.

All volt meters are conveniently positioned to be easily visible from the tractor.

.•Reset circuit breakers - protect against short circuit damage
 •Brushless design means improved performance with less maintenance
 •4 Copper windings provide more efficient power generation
 •Oversized windings enhance quality and stability of power
 •Internal speed at load 1,800 RPM
 •Lower Operating Speed increases duty cycle and operating life
 •Speed indicating lights make set up quick and easy
 •Automatic voltage regulation keeps power stable within 1% plus or minus to 56Hz
 •High momentary surge capacity up to 3 times working wattage rating
 •Full Load Connector with locking cover
 •20 amp duplex receptacle
 •50 amp welder receptacle
 •Drip Proof design
 •Limited 2 Year/2000 hour Warranty

Plug in & Power up

QC Generators keep your operation going.

Source for Power

QC Generator connection panel come with Full Load connectors with a lockable cover and multiple receptacles with overload protection for safe simple operation.

QC Performance

Designed to meet the needs of your operation the QC Generators are built for 24 Hr 7 day a week dependability.


Designed exclusively for Baumalight QC generators, the DisplayMaster1 is your guide for quick, easy setup and an “at a glance” monitor of key performance factors.

•On board Microprocessor for quick accurate monitoring
 •Solid-State design for rugged performance even in sub-zero conditions
 •Backlit display for quick easy reading
 •Displays Amp usage for each line
 •Displays instantaneous Kilowatt usage
 •Plug-in connectors for easy servicing