My name is Jim Calder and have lived off grid now for about 11 years.
     My wife and I have always been interested in being self-sufficient and not having to depend on others if the system fails.
     We have grown gardens, fruit trees, raised cows, goats, chickens, ducks & turkeys to feed our family of 3 children.
      In 1993 we purchase 240 acres to build a new home and get away from the busy road.  To put in Ontario Hydro was going to be appox. $80,000.00 so that is when we made our decision to go off grid..
      We build a log home, have a solar array, battery bank and of course our Listers.....

     Check out our photo gallery.....

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Our Staff
Where We Help To Make The Dream Happen!!
Jason Calder is the Techy 
in this business, he is a communications engineer in the military and has all kinds of experience in all aspects of the Electricals
Feel free to Call 
Jim 705-761-2012